Discover How To Correct Nearsighted Vision Naturally In Less Than 6 Months- My Story

Hey guys, its Mark here

I assume you are in the similar situation I was almost a year ago. If you’re looking for the ways to improve your nearsighted vision naturally, then I’m delighted you’ve come across this site and strongly recommend that you continue reading….

As this is entirely based on my story on how I ULTIMATELY found that one solution which I have been so desperately searching for months. All the dramas, highs and lows, what stuff didn’t work to finally finding the one guide that helped me to cure my nearsighted vision. It’s been quite a roller coaster ride frankly!

My Story….

It wasn’t like this when I was in my kindergarten. I have been addicted to Video games since I was 10 years old. Well, ‘not’ a very good news for eyes. And this addiction continued till I got a job in an IT firm.

In less than 6 months, I said hello to eye glasses. Wasn’t a bad feeling initially, just a bit funny though. What’s the BIG deal? More than half of my coworkers in office wear specs. In time, I got used to it. And that’s where it started happening which took me a little while to figure out.

What made me SICK of it?

The issue with corrective lenses is they FORCE our EYES to become a slug. As the time passes, the eyes experience deterioration in vision and hence dependence on even STRONGER lenses. And the crazy outcome increases our dependence even more on wearing specs day in and day out for rest of our life.

It happened to me not once or twice but frustrating four times. It reached a WHOOPING ‘-4.75′ on my left eye and ‘-4.25′ on my right eye.

I was so worried but was not paying attention to my health because of workload and relied on junk food for most of the times which partly CONTRIBUTED to my depleted vision condition. It seemed an ‘eternal cycle‘ and I wanted to break it somehow. I knew, I need to make some reforms in my lifestyle to improve my overall health and basically for eyesight improvement but are they alone sufficient to stop my eye myopia from deteriorating any further?

Is there any safe way to get what’s RIGHTFULLY mine?

Then started my numerous trips of eye doctor which helped me adopt a healthier lifestyle and I became increasingly cautious of the food I ate in order to eliminate eyesight problems in future.

I decided that ‘life’ just couldn’t CONTINUE on like this. I wanted to turn my life around as I’d enough and surely wanted to move even a step further to completely cure my eyesight problems. What were my options here: LASIK(laser surgery for eyes), PRK/LASEK(laser treatment for eyes), Refractive surgery and lens implantation.

I heard from a friend of mine that a girl in his friend circle did undergo Lasik surgery about a month before her marriage for her reasons. Now the problem with her is that she sees a DARK CIRCLE sort of thing around the edges of her vision after that ‘corrective’ eye surgery. She regrets that decision. Unfortunately, there’s not much doctors could do to help her after that.

I was so INTIMIDATED that I started searching for all the pros and cons for almost every treatment I could find for correcting bad vision pitfall. And guess what?.. There is NO corrective eye surgery that is 100% safe and successful, besides being ‘excessively’ expensive. I surely don’t want to mess with my precious eyes; they were good enough the way they were.

So how did I found it?

I didn’t want to take any chances and end up doing more HARM than good, so I started searching for stuffs that could enhance vision without the ‘need’ for dangerous surgeries.

In the process, I learned some eye exercises to improve vision. I did give it a try with roused spirits but there is a ‘reason’ why many laugh at the idea. They were not so effective, although I started feeling better.

They are atleast alone not effective to cure nearsighted vision. My all hopes started to DEPLETE and I accepted my condition wholeheartedly. But never stopped doing those eye exercises, which helped me feel better. At least that way my eyes won’t deteriorate any further.

My only way out were some powerful techniques or exercises that could help me get my ‘perfect 20/20′ vision back, if at all there is.

Can’t believe my EYES!

Then I came across this so called solution during my regular surfing hours. It cost me few extra bucks, but was nothing in front of my after appointment bills. I added some more eye exercises to my menu. By my FOURTH WEEK, I saw my glasses go a little blurred. Not again! Is there anything that’s going to ‘break this cycle’? When I went to oculist for a check, to my pleasant surprise my number went a little closer to zero instead of running away. All the hardship, all the time spent PAID OFF in the end.

Before we hit the bottom, I would like to clarify that what I’m about to share here is my completely impartial, unrestricted and downright honest review of Eyesight Without Glasses guide based on my personal experience.


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eyesight without glassesThis was just a beginning. I never looked back ever since. I adopted a more disciplined approach. With each passing month, I found consideration improvement in my eyesight. In 5.5 months, I kissed good bye to my LOVELY specs, which will be missed forever, but I found a better replacement: my stylish sunglasses. It was then I took a resolve that I will help ‘anyone’ out there who is desperately looking for a solution that could cure one’s eyes totally naturally, way out of harm’s reach. Now I laugh at everyone’s face who sarcastically says “Perfect 20/20 that too through eye exercises? PERFECT!!”. :)

Do let me know how things are progressing for you after grabbing a copy of Eyesight Without Glasses guide!

Even today I still believe that Improve Your Vision Naturally guide is still one of the best books that I’ve EVER read on how to improve eyesight naturally (and trust me when I say that I’ve read quite a few since then).

What are the BAD things about the This Guide?

However the only one little issue I’ve got with the guide is that it DEMANDS a lot of patience and time. Ofcourse, it is not as quick as surgical operation’s but is way off harm’s reach. 24 weeks to get a perfect 20/20 vision, it’s unfair to demand ANYTHING more.

It’s has totally changed my world.. And best of all, It’s good to know that I finally broke the cycle and that I’ve now what’s ‘rightfully’ mine by birth and will continue to be so for the rest of my life. It’s too good to be true and hard to sink in but I finally managed to cure my nearsighted vision.

I would certainly recommend that you check out the guide for yourself!

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By Mark Lynn

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5 Amazing Ways To Improve Vision Through Eye Strengthening Exercises

I’m quickly ripping my personal favorites which helped me a great deal in the initial stage to correct my nearsighted vision. I’m sure you will start feeling the difference within weeks after performing these effective exercises to enhance vision. Well, there are ways to achieve the same goal, some exercises to improve vision works FASTER than the others. Nonetheless I would prefer to stick to a routine timetable and that is how I found my perfect vision back. If you too want to how to improve eyesight naturally, this is the post you wouldn’t want to miss.
Before you get started on your vision exercise routine:
1) Consult your eye doctor and make sure you have correct prescription.
2) You may need your glasses and contact lenses even when you notice improvement, so ‘don’t rush’ and get rid of them. Do it only when your eyes are totally recovered.
3) Be sure that you have clearly understood steps of exercises to correct vision before attempting them.
4) Don’t ever over-strain your eyes. Improvement progress differs from person to person. DON’T RUSH!
5) Try to adopt a healthier lifestyle.


Infinity Vision Exercise

I love this eye exercise to improve vision coz it not only enhance eye muscular strength but can be performed at any time of the day and is easy too.
Picture is self explanatory. All you got to do is to imagine infinity symbol on a wall, 10 feet away approx. Now start tracing it slowly from any direction (doesn’t matter) for couple of minutes using your eyes only(not your head! :)). RELAX, Take few seconds break and start it again in opposite direction. Do it 4 times atleast.


Near-Far Focus Vision Exercise

It’s a great way to enhance eye focus and thus correct depleted vision. The fundamental lies in clarity of vision and the variance in distance. With good practice one can overcome focusing vision problem and get better eyesight totally naturally.

1) Hang a wall calendar on one of your walls and sit 10 feet away from it. Move closer if you can’t focus clearly.
2) Print the above chart above on a 5×5 inches piece of paper and keep it 10 inches away from your eyes.
3) Now focus on the number one. Move the little chart back and forth, if you need to, until you see it clearly.
4) Now shift your eye focus on number one on wall. Stare at it for a while until it becomes clear.
5) Repeat the same procedure for all the dates in the calendar.


Zooming Vision Exercise:

Many people find it troublesome to be able to zoom at objects properly which is characterized by reduced capabilities of the eyes to focus properly. Two most important culprits responsible for this condition are reduced elasticity of eye lens and the loss of power and flexibility of the ciliary muscles.
Zooming vision exercise help to overcome this condition.

1) Sit comfortably on a chair and stretch out your arm with your thumb in the hitchhike position.
2) Concentrate on your thumb while moving your thumb closer to you slowly but make sure to keep your eyes focused on it all the time.
3) Bring it as close as 3 inches away from your eyes and keep it there for a couple of seconds, then start slowly moving it away until your arm is totally outstretched again.

The Zooming vision exercise is VERY effective in focusing skills, strengthening your eye muscles and ultimately improves their flexibility in completely natural way.


Tibetan Eye Chart Vision Exercise

  Thousands of years ago ancient Tibetan wisdom discovered a very interesting way of enhancing your vision in a completely natural way.

1) Print the Tibetan eye chart on a sheet of paper.
2) Stick it to the wall or door. Place it in such a way that its central dot height is at the same level with your nose when you sit in front of it.
3) Sit approximately 10 inches away from the Tibetan eye chart.
4) Relax your eyes and your mind using Palming Eye Relaxation Technique to start with.
5) When you are ready, start moving your eyesight slowly on each dot of the outer circle clockwise for few seconds.
6) Take a little break to relax your eyes, and then repeat the movement in counter clockwise direction.
7) Now, move your eyesight several times back and forth between the dots at 2 and 8 o’clock.
8) Next, Repeat step 7 for the dots at 4 and 10 o’clock.
9) Blink several times briskly. It is recommended to learn the blinking technique explained in the Blinking vision exercise.
10) Wrap it up by Palming Eye Relaxation Technique.

Practice this eye exercises to improve vision every morning and you will shortly notice a great natural improvement in your eyesight.


Blinking Vision Exercise

Blinking vision exercise is a good way to improve your eyesight naturally and provides you with benefits like relaxing your eyes; lubricate them, prevent Dry Eye condition and ofcourse improve the flexibility of your eye muscles. Blinking is undoubtedly one of the easiest vision exercises and can be performed several times an hour, almost ANYWHERE.
1) Without putting extra tension on your eyelids or face blink 15 times rapidly.
2) Relax a bit and then repeat this exercise twice.
Blinking eye exercise is a great way to release your vision stress. Make it a habit like doing it at least once per hour and you will notice eyesight refinement almost immediately.

All of these eye exercises are, though, helpful in correcting nearsighted vision and other vision problem, however, you need to be regular to see the maximum benefit. It’s just not only useful for restoring the perfect vision but ALSO in preserving the vision in good state and longevity of the perfect vision. I do them even today as it has become part of my lifestyle and continue to do so. “After all prevention is better than cure!
Do remember to checkout my final post wherein I’m sharing my story and the great guide which helped me deal with my nearsighted vision problem.


You can DESIGN your chart to look something like this snapshot.

By Mark Lynn

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Some Cool VISION RELAXATION TECHNIQUES To Better Eyesight Naturally

In order to improve nearsighted vision or any other vision difficulty, you must know how to relax your eyes, which in turn helps in vision refinement. Just like any other muscles of your body your eyes too demand relaxation over certain period of time. Treat it no different from other muscles. We all know they get fatigued if worked out for longer duration. So here are some techniques you can perform to get better eyesight.

Palming Eye Relaxation Technique
1.Be comfortable and rub your hands until they warm up.
2. Close your eyes and cover them with your palms. Don’t press over your eyes, just ensure no light can reach your eyelids.
3. Sit in this state for about three minutes.


Acupressure Eye Relaxation Technique
1. Sit comfortably and massage the two points gently with middle finger with circular movements, which are located at both sides of your nose bridge
2. Then, massage the areas right under your eye pupils.
3. Apply the same gentle at your temple with circular movements.


Contrast Hydrotherapy
Change temperature of your eyes by placing washcloths soaked in warm water and cold water alternatively for 30 seconds. Keep repeating the cycle for about 3 minutes.

By performing these simple vision relaxation techniques you will start feeling vision improvement almost instantly. In combination with the vision exercises (that I’m going to cover in my next post), these vision relaxation techniques helped me a great deal in correcting my nearsighted vision. So stay tuned and do read my next post coz in that I’m going to cover some very effective exercises to improve vision that essentially helped me to better eyesight naturally.

By Mark Lynn

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Improve Eyesight Naturally: Important Facts about Eyes

One of the important reasons why people usually ignore eye exercises is that they have no idea how it WORKS to improve eyesight naturally. As a matter of fact correcting nearsighted vision is only a matter of adopting healthy lifestyle which isn’t necessarily so difficult to follow.

Is your eye different from other organs?

There are some important facts you need to know first if you want to get rid of eyesight problems forever. Just like for any other organ of your body your eyes have muscles inside too and also those muscles that AFFIX them to the insides of the body.

We exercise all our other muscles, but WHY not our eyes? Treat it no different. Eye strengthening exercises can also largely benefit your eyes just like squats strengthens your hamstring; they eventually get stronger and certainly much more efficient than before.

An efficient and strong eye basically means perfect eyesight and less to no tension in the eyes, which essentially implies ‘lesser’ eyestrain headaches.

To get started you don’t require any real special equipment at all and just ensure to follow proper eye strengthening exercise routine to better vision. Natural good vision is not such a distant dream if you know the most EFFECTIVE exercises.

Your eyes are muscles just like any other muscle in your body. Therefore, they need adequate exercise. By performing eye exercises to improve eyesight naturally, you can keep your eyes in good healthy shape and functioning properly. For example, if you recall all that any weight lifter does is to lift weights almost every day to ensure that his arm muscles grow stronger, similarly if a person really wants to strengthen his/her eye muscles then it is must to perform eye exercises on a ‘regular’ if not routine basis.

Have you ever woken up in the morning to a sore and stiff neck? It was most likely due to the fact that you slept with your head in only one position throughout the night and barely moved it. Well your eyes are the same way.

Let’s, for say, you continue staring at any object like computer for a good deal of time, stiffness and sore eyes are the inevitable outcome, which only WEAKENS the eye for a prolonged period. Consequently your eyes are so habituated to short distance vision that they almost obliterate how to properly focus on things that are distance away. Nevertheless, by performing exercises to correct nearsighted vision, your eye muscles will stay relaxed, afresh, and always set to focus.

In my next post, I’m going to share some cool vision relaxation techniques, which are of great importance as they serve as fundamentals in preserving eyesight in perfect state. So don’t miss it! :)

Below is the snapshot of the vital nutrients for proper functioning of eyes.

The Video that LASIK Doctors Don’t Want You To See

By Mark Lynn

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Unfolding Facts On Why World Is Not Free From Eyesight Problems

Correcting nearsighted vision naturally isn’t difficult when you know the proper exercises to do so. Eyesight exercises have been into existence from a VERY long time and some people do practice them to keep their eyesight healthy just as they brush daily. It literally takes no time and the benefits are lifelong.

Then comes the obvious question. Why isn’t this popular amongst people? Or Why isn’t everybody doing them?

The answer is fairly simple! Our psychology is largely responsible for our ignorance. People are skeptical by nature and that is very much understandable but there is a ‘strong reason’ why you don’t really hear a lot about vision improvement through natural ways, and that is EXACTLY what I’m going to share with my audience today in this blog.

Just think about this for a moment. The vision care industry is undoubtedly a multi-billion dollar industry today worldwide which is the way it is because of this very ‘reason’. Every year glasses and contact lens manufacturers, eye specialists, laser eye surgeons, etc. make in profit literally BILLIONS of DOLLARS. So obviously, industry wouldn’t be as profitable as it is ‘today’ if everyone knows about natural ways to correct eyesight problems and was performing vision improvement routine to stay away from eyesight problems and had a healthy vision.

A lot of people in the world are suffering from nearsighted vision. Therefore, the eye care industry, naturally, is doing everything they can to make sure that people either don’t find out about effective eye exercises to enhance vision naturally, or make people somehow falsely believe that natural vision improvement is ‘fake’ or just doesn’t work. That makes total sense.

If everybody started doing natural eye exercises to improve their vision, then clearly nobody would purchase contacts, glasses, contact lens solution, laser surgery for eyes, etc., and the eye care industry would CEASE to exist or at least will make lesser profits. Quite Plain, EASY and SIMPLE (and totally unjust).

Government too is playing crucial in propagating things like this and has UNCANNY affinity to oppress useful information like this to save them from incurring any loss. However, it is totally unfair on their part to keep such beneficial information from common public like you and me, which INSPIRED me to create this website.

I want to spread the word to everybody about usefulness of eye exercises to improve and get enhanced vision so you can kiss goodbye to glasses and contact lenses and have healthier eyesight for the rest of your lives. I’m happy that I was fortunate enough to discover this and got rid of my nearsighted vision problem.

In my next blog, I’m going to unravel some really cool facts about eyes which might interest you. So stay tuned!

By Mark Lynn

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How To Correct Nearsighted Vision Naturally– My Top Pointers

Hey guys, if you are serious about learning and making some real progress in correcting your nearsighted vision effectively and naturally then I’m glad you are in the right place.

I solely created this site for someone who’s looking for ways to get better vision by sharing my best TRICKS and TIPS.

When I ventured on finding a real and effective solution on my eyesight conundrum, I was presented with a lot of methods, all either very expensive or dangerous. No one in the world would want to mess with his eye unless he is very sure about the results.

Eyes are the most PRECIOUS gift and I absolutely didn’t want to indulge in the QUESTIONABLE ways that can worsen my eyesight problems. But are there really ways that are both effective and natural to get not only better vision but a complete “20-20 vision”?

Simple and sweet answer is “YES”.

Here are my top pointers to correct nearsighted vision:

If you are serious and only if you’re serious about learning how to improve vision naturally then continue to read on.

There are exercises which can help you get your COMPLETE eye vision back. If you do it on regular basis and listen to the needs of yours eyes. One of the first question people mostly ask when they hear about eye exercises to get better eyesight is whether they really work. They indeed work and they work quite well infact but if you do it regularly and basically make it your routine habit. There are numerous examples of common practices popular among solders, athletes, archers etc who do it REGULARLY to ensure that their vision stays healthy and intact.

Do you really need to go to eye doctors? There is no proper answer to this question. As a matter of fact it totally depends on YOU. No one has ever been seriously harmed or died doing eye exercises to get better eyesight. You don’t really need to visit eye doctor when they tell to do things you already know. Again use your discretion as always.

Just the way your body needs nutrition to stay healthy your eyes are no exception. Knowing about the foods that provide best vitamins and minerals has a very PROFOUND effect in getting improved vision eventually. Gaining knowledge about eyes helped me being a better guardian for my eyes and eventually getting rid of my nearsighted vision problem.

I’ve stumbled upon this great article that talks about some useful tips, exercises and routine that is helpful in fighting myopia. Check out this article here.

Stay tuned because in my next post, I’m going to reveal some crazy facts about eye industry.  As in what are they hiding and why is the world the way it is about eye industry.


Improve Your Vision Naturally

By Mark Lynn

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