5 Amazing Ways To Improve Vision Through Eye Strengthening Exercises

I’m quickly ripping my personal favorites which helped me a great deal in the initial stage to correct my nearsighted vision. I’m sure you will start feeling the difference within weeks after performing these effective exercises to enhance vision. Well, there are ways to achieve the same goal, some exercises to improve vision works FASTER than the others. Nonetheless I would prefer to stick to a routine timetable and that is how I found my perfect vision back. If you too want to how to improve eyesight naturally, this is the post you wouldn’t want to miss.
Before you get started on your vision exercise routine:
1) Consult your eye doctor and make sure you have correct prescription.
2) You may need your glasses and contact lenses even when you notice improvement, so ‘don’t rush’ and get rid of them. Do it only when your eyes are totally recovered.
3) Be sure that you have clearly understood steps of exercises to correct vision before attempting them.
4) Don’t ever over-strain your eyes. Improvement progress differs from person to person. DON’T RUSH!
5) Try to adopt a healthier lifestyle.


Infinity Vision Exercise

I love this eye exercise to improve vision coz it not only enhance eye muscular strength but can be performed at any time of the day and is easy too.
Picture is self explanatory. All you got to do is to imagine infinity symbol on a wall, 10 feet away approx. Now start tracing it slowly from any direction (doesn’t matter) for couple of minutes using your eyes only(not your head! :)). RELAX, Take few seconds break and start it again in opposite direction. Do it 4 times atleast.


Near-Far Focus Vision Exercise

It’s a great way to enhance eye focus and thus correct depleted vision. The fundamental lies in clarity of vision and the variance in distance. With good practice one can overcome focusing vision problem and get better eyesight totally naturally.

1) Hang a wall calendar on one of your walls and sit 10 feet away from it. Move closer if you can’t focus clearly.
2) Print the above chart above on a 5×5 inches piece of paper and keep it 10 inches away from your eyes.
3) Now focus on the number one. Move the little chart back and forth, if you need to, until you see it clearly.
4) Now shift your eye focus on number one on wall. Stare at it for a while until it becomes clear.
5) Repeat the same procedure for all the dates in the calendar.


Zooming Vision Exercise:

Many people find it troublesome to be able to zoom at objects properly which is characterized by reduced capabilities of the eyes to focus properly. Two most important culprits responsible for this condition are reduced elasticity of eye lens and the loss of power and flexibility of the ciliary muscles.
Zooming vision exercise help to overcome this condition.

1) Sit comfortably on a chair and stretch out your arm with your thumb in the hitchhike position.
2) Concentrate on your thumb while moving your thumb closer to you slowly but make sure to keep your eyes focused on it all the time.
3) Bring it as close as 3 inches away from your eyes and keep it there for a couple of seconds, then start slowly moving it away until your arm is totally outstretched again.

The Zooming vision exercise is VERY effective in focusing skills, strengthening your eye muscles and ultimately improves their flexibility in completely natural way.


Tibetan Eye Chart Vision Exercise

  Thousands of years ago ancient Tibetan wisdom discovered a very interesting way of enhancing your vision in a completely natural way.

1) Print the Tibetan eye chart on a sheet of paper.
2) Stick it to the wall or door. Place it in such a way that its central dot height is at the same level with your nose when you sit in front of it.
3) Sit approximately 10 inches away from the Tibetan eye chart.
4) Relax your eyes and your mind using Palming Eye Relaxation Technique to start with.
5) When you are ready, start moving your eyesight slowly on each dot of the outer circle clockwise for few seconds.
6) Take a little break to relax your eyes, and then repeat the movement in counter clockwise direction.
7) Now, move your eyesight several times back and forth between the dots at 2 and 8 o’clock.
8) Next, Repeat step 7 for the dots at 4 and 10 o’clock.
9) Blink several times briskly. It is recommended to learn the blinking technique explained in the Blinking vision exercise.
10) Wrap it up by Palming Eye Relaxation Technique.

Practice this eye exercises to improve vision every morning and you will shortly notice a great natural improvement in your eyesight.


Blinking Vision Exercise

Blinking vision exercise is a good way to improve your eyesight naturally and provides you with benefits like relaxing your eyes; lubricate them, prevent Dry Eye condition and ofcourse improve the flexibility of your eye muscles. Blinking is undoubtedly one of the easiest vision exercises and can be performed several times an hour, almost ANYWHERE.
1) Without putting extra tension on your eyelids or face blink 15 times rapidly.
2) Relax a bit and then repeat this exercise twice.
Blinking eye exercise is a great way to release your vision stress. Make it a habit like doing it at least once per hour and you will notice eyesight refinement almost immediately.

All of these eye exercises are, though, helpful in correcting nearsighted vision and other vision problem, however, you need to be regular to see the maximum benefit. It’s just not only useful for restoring the perfect vision but ALSO in preserving the vision in good state and longevity of the perfect vision. I do them even today as it has become part of my lifestyle and continue to do so. “After all prevention is better than cure!
Do remember to checkout my final post wherein I’m sharing my story and the great guide which helped me deal with my nearsighted vision problem.


You can DESIGN your chart to look something like this snapshot.

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